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We 're back!

by Coni Cruz on 05/17/2013 0 comments

We started in 2007 for people who live through restaurant food (by either choice or necessity). For a while, we kept it up with updated restaurant menus and reviews but we got distracted. We mostly maintained the site out of our passion for good restaurant food and our community. And keeping up with the changes in the web and restaurant landscape was a challenge.

Since then various restaurant directories like Open Rice and Munch Punch have emerged for Filipino online users. Even then, we were happily surprised by the traffic that the website got and participation from our 46,000+ fans in Facebook.

At last, we're happy to announce we're coming back and re-launching our website this lucky 2013. This May release is just a preview with more upcoming improvements int he pipeline.

We need your help! A lot has changed since 2007 and we need help in our updating our data. Please participate in bringing back on track by telling us if your favorite restaurant profile needs an update.

Please check out the site and let's talk about your user experience with the new version. This is the beta release of MFT 2.0. There are still some rough parts but we felt that it's already better than our old site in most areas.

We have a lot of plans and features in the pipeline. Send us your suggestions via How can 2.0 help you have great food trips?


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