The Aristocrat Restaurant (Manila, Robinsons Place Manila)

The Aristocrat Restaurant

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Level 4, Pedro Gil Wing, Robinsons Place Manila, Pedro Gil cor. Adriatico Sts., Ermita

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CUISINE Filipino
BUDGET 150-300
HOURS Mon-Sun - 10:00 am 9:00 pm
CONTACT Phone: 523-3973 (Fax) / 523-3923
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    Engracia Reyes's passion for cooking made her start the Aristocrat Restaurant. Her desire to leave a legacy was what pushed her to involve her children and grandchildren in the business. Now her legacy lives on.

    The insatiable craving for Manila's famous Chicken Barbecue sends regular patrons in droves - office employees, professionals, families and visitors from all over, balikbayans and tourists - to any Aristocrat branch nearest them. Aside from its known barbecue specialty, the restaurant has also been serving the best tasting Filipino cuisine for decades. Its core products like Kare-Kare, Chicken Honey, Crispy Pata, Pancit Canton, Dinuguan and Lumpia variety are being served at large in Aristocrat's three company-owned branches. New recipes have been introduced in the menu line to fit the discriminating taste of modern Pinoy diners.

    Without a doubt, The Aristocrat has the best chicken barbecue in Manila. Their marinade is just right. Combining their famous barbecued chicken with java rice and relish will be the best barbecue lunch one can ever have. Te is so convenient to lively bay walk and nearby nightlife. Quality of food is consistent and the menu is extensive. Drinks include beer, juices, soft drinks and mineral water.

    There was a time when The Aristocrat was a household word for eating out in Manila--so much so that it could justifiably call itself "The Philippines' Most Popular Restaurant." As befits a restaurant that has been synonymous with Filipino food, the decor revolves around a native motif, while the menu brings you the joys of Filipino cooking in such traditional fare as sinigang (sour soup) and crispy pata (deep-fried pig's knuckles).

    When choosing a Filipino restaurant to eat at, the Aristocrat Restaurant is probably going to be among the first places that will come to mind. It’s easy to see why The Aristocrat has endured for decades; their classic favorites like crispy pata and sinigang are unforgettable, and they also serve new dishes that cater to the fickle palates of modern-day Filipino diners.

    In the Philippines, it is not always true that good food means expensive food. Similar to the saying that 'good things come in small packages', delicious food is often accompanied with an equally reasonable price.

    The Aristocrat restaurant is a historical and gastronomic icon that has inspired the growth and development of the restaurant industry in the Philippines. Founded on the pioneering spirit of the Reyes forebears Engracia Cruz-Reyes, fondly known as Aling Asiang, and husband Justice Alex Reyes, Aristocrat has become a benchmark for success in the industry for 72 years now.

    Any Philippine fiesta, particularly in the Tagalog region, is not complete without Kare-Kare, the stew with a rich nutty sauce and served with a variety of vegetables. Aristocrat, the Philippines' most popular restaurant serves a wonderful Kare-kare. I haven't found a sure way of cooking Kare-Kare yet, so this recipe is cheating a little bit. It works though.

    The Aristocrat restaurant is a historical and gastronomic icon that has inspired the growth and development of the restaurant industry in the Philippines.

    Other than the Filipino Barbeque Chicken tradition at "Aristocrat's Restaurant" is the fact that the restaurant is actually part of a chain of restaurants in the Metro Manila area which includes the more Spanish and East Asian inspired Filipino fare at "Alex' the III Restaurant." So one dish that you should try no matter which chain you go to is also not a barbeque dish--it's their HONEY CHICKEN! It's a delicious fried chicken with actually very little grease and very tender meat. and adults alike love it! I personally really love it as well and think of it as soul food:)

    The great thing about this restaurant is its Barbeque--known across the place for its special "java" dipping sauce, grilled chicken or pork, "atsara" or pickled vegetables and of course its famed saffron-colored rice. When we eat there, we always have a table full of this for each person. And for the fair prices, the servings are quite hefty! Yummy!

    In a country where over ninety per cent of the population live below the poverty line, it helps to be both frugal and creative when it comes to food. Nothing illustrates the frugality and creativity of the Filipino better than barbecue. When I was growing up in a not-too-crowded Metro Manila, barbecue meant charcoal-grilled marinated slices of pork or chicken breast, legs or thighs in bamboo skewers. If not home-cooked, they were mostly sold in restaurants that specialized in grilled food. Aristocrat, for instance, already an institution in the Philippine restaurant scene, has been consistently serving great pork and chicken barbecue for decades.

    The Aristocrat, established in 1936, is a brightly lit, clean, well maintained building, a/c popular place with the locals for their dining with dishes like Kare-Kare, Chicken Honey, Crispy Pata, Pancit Canton, Dinuguan, and Lumpia.

    Last year when i was having my thesis proposal defense, my panel chair requested that i serve Aristocrat's sisig. I thought it odd considering Aristocrat is more famous for its Chicken Barbecue (the sauce is the bomber). But he is the one who's grading my work so i ordered their sisig as well and it was such a revealation. Aristocrat's sisig is surprisingly tasty. No wonder, it was the first dish to be usurped by everyone... the Chicken Barbecue sat quietly at the corner for a while.

    I love their food especially their chicken barbeque...I'd always cravingfore their food. and I taste their ensaymada and its too delicious!! I wish I come back again because their food is yummy!!!


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