Teriyaki Boy (Mega Atrium, Ortigas, SM Megamall)

Teriyaki Boy

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Level 4, Mega Atrium, SM Megamall

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CUISINE Japanese
BUDGET 150-300
HOURS Sun-Thu - 10:00 am 9:00 pm
Fri-Sat - 10:00 am 10:00 pm
CONTACT Phone: 637-0623


Miso Soup Php 45.00

Sukiyaki Php 280.00


Kani Salad Php 125.00

Crunchy Salmon Salad Php 170.00


Gyoza Php 110.00

Agedashi Tofu Php 95.00

Tofu Steak Php 155.00

Chawan Mushi Php 85.00

Yasai Itame Php 100.00

Nasu-Abura Itame Php 60.00

Chibi Meal (for kids)

Chicken-Ebi Meal Php 135.00

Chicken-Kakiage Meal Php 175.00

Chicken-Gyoza Meal Php 160.00


Teriyaki Boy Chicken (Ramen) Php 160.00

Choice of Miso or Shoyu Base

Teriyaki Boy Chicken (Udon) Php 165.00

Choice of Miso or Shoyu Base

Ebi Tempura (Ramen) Php 175.00

Choice of Miso or Shoyu Base

Ebi Tempura (Udon) Php 195.00

Choice of Miso or Shoyu Base

Gyoza (Ramen) Php 155.00

Choice of Miso or Shoyu Base

Gyoza (Udon) Php 175.00

Choice of Miso or Shoyu Base


Yakisoba Php 155.00

Yakiudon Php 175.00

Cha Soba Php 160.00

Don Buri (Rice Toppings)

Teriyaki Boy Chicken Ju Php 195.00

Katsudon Php 160.00

Chirashi Don Php 215.00

Gyu-Yakiniku Don Php 275.00

Mabo Tofu Don Php 160.00

Oyako Don Php 160.00

Tendon Php 210.00

Unagi Don Php 265.00

Pork Shogayaki Don Php 180.00

Sukkiyaki Beef Teppan Don Php 155.00


Ika Teppanyaki Php 155.00

Pork Shogayaki Php 170.00

Tori Teppanyaki Php 175.00

Seafood Teppanyaki Php 295.00

Wafu Steak Php 330.00

Shake Teppanyaki Php 260.00

Reba-Nira Itame Php 125.00

Asupara Bacon Maki Php 165.00

Enoki Dake Bacon Maki Php 255.00

Sukiyaki Beef Teppanyaki Php 150.00


Yakimeshi Php 48.00

Gohan Php 35.00


Tonkatsu Php 138.00

Tori Furai Php 138.00

Teriyaki Boy Fish n' Chips Php 180.00

Ebi Fry Php 250.00

Ika Fry Php 150.00


California Roll Php 125.00

Kanikama Roll Php 100.00

Shake Roll Php 135.00

Tekka Maki Php 95.00

Futo Maki Php 125.00

Ebi Tempura Roll Php 140.00


Crème Dori Tempura Php 125.00

Ebi Tempura single - Php 170.00

Ebi Tempura to share - Php 260.00

Seafood Kakiage Php 175.00

Kakiage Tempura Php 130.00

Spicy Kakiage Php 90.00


Teriyaki Boy Chicken Php 195.00

Gyuniku Teriyaki Php 250.00

Unagi Kabayaki Php 390.00

Gindara Sukiyaki Php 390.00

Shake Kabayaki Php 280.00

Nigiri Zushi

Maguro Sushi Php 80.00

Shake Sushi Php 95.00

Unagi Sushi Php 135.00

Uni Sushi Php 90.00

Ebi Sushi Php 85.00

Tamago Sushi Php 50.00


Maguro Sashimi Php 148.00

Shake Sashimi Php 190.00

Tamago Sashimi Php 85.00

Kani Sashimi Php 130.00

Uni Sashimi Php 145.00


Spicy Tuna Gunkan Php 110.00

Spicy Salmon Gunkan Php 125.00

Crunchy Tuna Gunkan Php 95.00

Sousaki Sashimii

Tempura Tuna Sashimi Tartare Php 135.00


Bottled Water Php 35.00

Fruit Shakes Php 65.00

Soda in can - Php 50.00

Coke, Coke Light, Coke Zero, Sprite

Beer (SMB Pale / SMB Light) in can - Php 55.00

Beer (SMB Dry) in can - Php 60.00


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