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Borgo Cafe (Parañaque, BF Homes)

312 Aguirre Avenue, BF Homes Subdivision

Thatz-A-Wrap! (Parañaque, BF Homes)

318 Aguirre Ave., Phase 3, BF Homes

Mama Cakes (Parañaque, BF Homes)

Hamburg St., BF Homes

Pito & Mita (Parañaque, BF Homes)

176 Aguirre St., BF Homes

Del's Kitchen (Parañaque, BF Homes)

105 Elizalde Street, BF Homes

Drift Burgers (Parañaque, BF Homes)

216-C Aguirre St. Phase 2, B.F. Homes

Food de Sentosa (BF Homes, Parañaque)

298 Aguirre Ave. Bf Homes

Elfav Ice Creamery (Parañaque, BF Homes)

2/F Pergola Mall, Aguirre Avenue corner Elsie Gaches Street, Phase 1, BF Homes

To Ho Restaurant Antigua (BF Homes, Parañaque)

Presidents Avenue (near McDo), BF Homes Ph.1



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