Kangaroo Jack (Quezon City, SM City North Edsa)

Kangaroo Jack

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Level 2, Main Bldg., SM City North EDSA, North Ave cor EDSA

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CUISINE Australian
BUDGET 150-300
HOURS Sun-Thu - 10:00 am 9:00 pm
Fri-Sat - 10:00 am 10:00 pm
CONTACT Phone: 385-9452


Nacho Jacko Php 120.00

Chicken Tenders Php 110.00

Quesadilla Php 135.00

Fish and Chips Php 110.00


Mushroom Soup Php 50.00

Potato Chowder Php 55.00


House Salad Php 75.00

Potato Greek Php 85.00

Beer Match

Pork Sisig Php 120.00

Chicken Sisig Php 125.00

Beef and Mushroom Php 175.00

Spicy Mushroom Php 175.00

Jakeroo Teriyaki Rice Tops

Chicken Tops Php 110.00

Pork Tops Php 120.00

Beef Tops Php 130.00

Botany Bay Fish

Milk Fish ala Pobre Php 99.00

Wahoo Steak Php 120.00

Dory in Lemon Butter Php 110.00

Tilapia Sizzler Php 99.00

Salmon Steak with Teriyaki Sauce Php 130.00


Sinful Chocolate Php 60.00

Four Seasons Php 70.00

Fruit Delight Php 80.00

Sausage Sandwich

Hungarian Sausage Php 135.00

Chili and Cheese Php 135.00

Bacon Wrap Php 150.00

Texas Sausage Php 125.00

Coney Island Sausage Php 140.00

Down Under Sizzlers

Hawaiian Chicken Php 125.00

Classic Jack Chicken Php 135.00

Hungarian Sausage Php 135.00

Bratwurst Php 135.00

Frankfurter Php 135.00

Salisbury Php 89.00

Pork Belly Php 135.00

Herb Pork Chop Php 120.00

Vienna Sausage Php 89.00

German Franks Php 89.00

All Meat Sausage Php 89.00

Chicken Sausage Php 89.00

Tofu Steak Php 99.00

Pork Spare Ribs Php 165.00


T-Bone Php 130.00

Porterhouse Php 130.00

Sirloin Php 145.00

Steak Ala Pobre Php 155.00

Lamb Chop Php 230.00

Pork Steaks Php 120.00

Fillet Mignon Php 295.00

Ribe Eye Php 230.00


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