Jipan (Glorietta, Glorietta 4, Makati)


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Level 2, Glorietta 4, Ayala Center

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CUISINE Japanese
BUDGET 150-300
HOURS Sun-Thu - 10:00 am 9:00 pm
Fri-Sat - 10:00 am 10:00 pm
CONTACT Phone: 7289442


Kani Salad Php 150.00

Crabstick, lettuce, ebiko, nori with Japanese mayonnaise. Choice of oil & vinegar, thousand island, garlic, or Japanese dressing.

Seafood Salad Php 200.00

Fresh lettuce with crispy shrimp, squid, crabstick, cornbits & ebiko. Choice of oil & vinegar, thousand island, garlic, or Japanese dressing.

Onion Tuna Salad Php 160.00

Tuna onion dry fish, lettuce with Japanese dressing. Choice of oil & vinegar, thousand island, garlic, or Japanese dressing.

Tossed Green Salad Php 120.00

Choice of oil & vinegar, thousand island, garlic, or Japanese dressing.

Original Jipan Soup

Corn Soup Php 130.00

Pumpkin Soup Php 130.00

100% pumpkin; made of fresh pumpkin with cream.

Chicken Garlic Soup Php 100.00

With sotanghon.

Miso Soup Php 80.00

Soup made of soybeans with tofu.

Appetizer (Side Dish)

Ebi Tempura Php 220.00

Gyoza Dumplings Php 150.00

Ebi Gyoza Php 150.00

Shrimp with gyoza on tempura batter.

Agedashi Tofu Php 100.00

Fried tofu cooked in special sauce.

Ebi Fry Php 150.00

Breaded shrimp.

Chicken Karaage Php 150.00

Marinated chicken salad.


Spaghetti Meat Sauce Php 160.00

Served with garlic bread.

Spaghetti Carbonara Php 170.00

Cream sauce with olive oil, ham, sausage & onion served with garlic bread.

Basilico Php 150.00

Sauteed with basil garlic & olive oil served with garlic bread.

Arrabiata Php 160.00

Spicy tomatobased sauce served with garlic bread. "If you like very HOT request for extra spicy."

SeafFood Pasta Php 180.00

With shrimp, clams & squids on tomato soup.

Wafu Spaghetti Php 190.00

Vegetable, seafood, seaweeds, kani tempura.

Shrimp Pasta Gratin Php 180.00

Shrimp, mozzarella cheese, mushroom & onion on white sauce.

Japanese Traditional Sushi & Sashimi

Maguro Sashimi Php 150.00

Fresh tuna.

Tekkadon Php 190.00

Fresh tuna top of vinegar rice with nori and wasabi.

Tekkamaki Php 150.00

Tuna roll into rice & seaweed.

Tuna Sushi Php 120.00

Tamago Sushi Php 100.00

Sweet egg, sushi rice & nori.

Kani Sushi Php 100.00

Crabstick, sushi rice & nori.

Kani Sashimi Php 150.00

Futo Maki 4 pcs - Php 100.00

Sweet egg, crabstick, mushroom, cucumber and oburo.

Tamago Sashimi Php 150.00

California Maki Sushi Php 150.00

Crabstick with mango, cucumber, Japanese mayo rolled in seaweeds and ebiko.

Japanese Dish

Gyudon Php 170.00

Sukiyaki beef with sotanghon, onions & Japanese sauce on rice; One of the most popular Japanese dish.

Katsudon Php 170.00

Breaded pork, onions, egg & sauce on rice; A must try.

Oyakodon Php 160.00

Chicken, egg, onions & sauce on rice; A familiar taste that's easy to enjoy.

Omelette Rice Php 170.00

Fried rice wrapped in egg with salad on the side; Not the usual omelette, it's better.

Curry Rice Php 200.00

Japanese style curry with beef, carrots & potatoes on rice with side salad; A favorite & regular part of the Japanese diet.

Katsu Curry Php 250.00

Japanese style curry with breaded pork on top, with side salad sure to satifsy a hungry stomach.

Yakiniku Don Php 170.00

Sukiyaki Beef cooked in special sauce with buttered vegetables on the side.

Sea Food Rice Php 200.00

Fresh squid, shrimp, crabstick, vegetables & egg cook in special sauce.

Okonomiyaki Php 170.00

Japanese pizza. Pork, squid and vegetable and nori.

Chahan Php 100.00

Fried Rice.

Ebi Fry Curry Rice Php 260.00

Chicken Katsu Curry Rice Php 240.00

Chicken Katsu Rice Php 220.00

With garlic sauce & miso with rice.

Ebi Tendon Php 200.00

With miso soup. Shrimp tempura and vegetable tempura with sauce on top of rice. A great combination that is perfect for those who find meat too portly.

Chicken Katsudon Php 170.00

Breaded chicken, onion, egg, sauce & rice.

Cold Noodles

Ebi Ten Zaru Soba Php 200.00

Cold soba with ebi tempura, quail egg, wasabi, nori & special sauce.

Zaru Soba Php 160.00

Cold noodles with quail egg, wasabi, nori & special sauce.

Hiyashi Tanuki Udon Php 200.00

Cold noodles with crabstick, sweet tamago, mushroom & vegetable with special sauce.

Hiyashi Chuka Soba Php 200.00

Cold ramen noodles with crabstick, marinated pork, mushroom, tomato, corn & cucumber with special sauce.

Hot Noodles

Nabeyaki Udon Php 250.00

Noodles & soup with toppings of shrimp tempura, egg, shitake mushroom, chicken and vegetables.

Ebi Tempura Udon Php 180.00

Noodle & soup with toppings of shrimp tempura and vegetables. The most popular Japanese noodle dish.

Kakiage Udon Php 160.00

Noodle & soup with toppings of vegetable tempura, chicken, boiled egg, carrots. Not too heavy on the stomach & you can relish it to the last drop.

Curry Udon Php 200.00

Noodles with curry flavoured soup, suki pork. If you like Japanese curry, you'll love this. Another Japanese all-time favourite.

Yaki Udon Php 180.00

Dry noodles sauteed with marinated pork, vegetables & original sauce; A familiar & homey taste that can be enjoyed by the whole family.

Shoyu Ramen Php 180.00

Thin ramen noodles & soup with marinated pork, vegetables, corn, egg. The tasty soup will make you smack your lips in satisfaction.

Miso Ramen Php 180.00

Shoyu ramen soup with miso, ground pork, vegetables, slice of pork, boiled egg & cornbits.

Sea Food Ramen Php 200.00

Fresh squid, shrimp, crabstick, vegetable & egg cook in special soup.

Chashu Ramen Php 200.00

Sliced pork & onion leeks.

Gomoku Ramen Php 220.00

Sea foods, vegetables and boiled egg with sea food soup.

Chirashi Sushi Php 200.00

Kakiage udon, sushi rice with crabstick, mushroom, ebi & vegetable.

Tan Tan Men Php 180.00

Spicy noodles with vegetables & meat.

Karakuchi Negi Ramen Php 190.00

Spicy noodles with sliced pork, ground pork & onion leeks.

Special Sandwiches

Chicken Sandwich on Monroe Bread regular - Php 160.00

Chicken Sandwich on Monroe Bread small - Php 80.00

Ham & Apple Sandwich on Monroe Bread regular - Php 160.00

Ham & Apple Sandwich on Monroe Bread small - Php 80.00

Seafood Sandwich Php 90.00

Pork Katsu Sandwich Php 80.00

Hamburg Sandwich Php 100.00

Tuna Sandwich Php 70.00

Ham Sandwich Php 70.00

Ham & Egg Sandwich Php 80.00

Vegetable Sandwich Php 70.00

Hot Dog Roll Php 70.00

Mix Sandwich Php 100.00

Ham, tuna, pork katsu and vegetables.

Beef Teriyaki Sandwich Php 100.00

Chili Dog Php 150.00

Chicken Teriyaki Sandwich Php 100.00

Hotdog/Chicken Sandwich on Butter Roll Php 90.00

Fish Fillet Sandwich Php 100.00


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