Casa Armas Tapas Bar y Restaurante (Ortigas, The Podium)

Casa Armas Tapas Bar y Restaurante

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Level 1, The Podium, ADB Avenue, Ortigas Center

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BUDGET 301-600
HOURS Mon - Thu - 11:00am 11:00pm
Fri - Sun - 10:00am 11:00pm
CONTACT Phone: 687-3370
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    Casa Armas Tapas Bar Y Restaurante will make celebrations the relaxed and meaningful affairs that they ought to be.

    Hie off to Casa Armas tapas bar y restorante to have an unforgettable gastronomic experience.

    Service is superb, we were well-taken care of.

    It's a fine-dining place where great Spanish cuisine can be had for a good price.

    One of the best Spanish restos in the country. Suckling pig. Paella. Tapas and queso. Great Spanish wine selection. Very authentic.

    Sinful is probably the most fitting word I can use to describe Casa Armas' cuisine. Their specialty Cochinillo al Horno ala Casatellana (Baby lechon, P3000) involves using plates to chop the lechon and is really quite a spectacle to behold. The lechon's skin is so shiny and crunchy while the meat is so soft, lined with fat that almost drips... this is SIN! You'll have to order Cochinillo several hours in advance to get a taste though. Casa Armas' other dishes are equally sinful, since most of them are slow-cooked in olive oil. Needless to say most of the dishes are very rich and are on the oily side. Another favorite of mine is their Filetes de Lapu-Lapu al Horno con Besamel (Lapu-lapu in Bechamel sauce, P380). It's lapu-lapu fillet covered in the richest, creamiest sauce you can imagine. It's so yummy though, you'd want to pour the sauce over your rice... bread... everything! There is a downside to foods so rich however, it can tire out your palate pretty quickly (suya). Casa Armas has live musicians which serenade every table with a variety of songs. The overall setting is quaint and on the upscale side. Service is very good, prices are higher than usual. I guess you could add this to your list of date places... I'd give it a higher rating if the food wasn't so "nakakasuya".

    One of the best Spanish restos in the country. Suckling pig. Paella. Tapas and queso. Great Spanish wine selection. Very authentic.

    One of the best Spanish restos in the country. Suckling pig. Paella. Tapas and queso. Great Spanish wine selection. Very authentic.

    I'm a paella lover and Spanish food is actually my favorite so I just had to visit Casa Armas (MANILA). Place is small, cozy and intimate. Good airconditioning - not every restaurant gives too much attention to this. That being said, it's safe to come in "all dressed up" for a date. The place looks like an old, Spanish restaurant and that adds to the allure of the place. No neo-modern design. Let's not be prententious here, just because we're in the Philippines. When we travel to Europe or even watch Hollywood movies, we all fall in love with beautiful, old buildings. I don't know why some Filipinos only appreciate things that can be found in the Philippines, WHEN THEY SEE IT OUTSIDE THE PHILIPPINES. Now, about the food. We loved the Paella Valenciana (P800+, good for 4 people). I've tried this in different Spanish restaurants here and abroad (except in Spain - which I have not yet visited). and so far, Casa Armas' recipe is the one I like most. To those who are not too familiar with the Paella, try sprinkling it with a little lime, and it tastes even better. Tapas (P35/piece) are also yummy. Wide selection too. I suggest you order 2 pieces of 5 types to nibble on while having a glass of wine (P200 or so) as you wait for your paella. Casa also serves a basket of sliced fresh bread (FREE) and butter as you wait for your orders. They also have lengua (P300+), callos (P300+), and all your favorite Spanish dishes on the menu. They also have a trio that serenades diners. You can actually request them to sing your date's favorite song, if you wish. My date and I simply loved this place. I have yet to see their other restaurants but we intend to visit them so we can compare them to the original Casa Armas in Manila. Prices are VERY reasonable, NOT EXPENSIVE. This is a Spanish restaurant after all. If you are like me that likes to visit a new restaurant or club or resort every weekend, you know that the price of the food in this restaurant is very reasonable - not cheap, not expensive, just right in the middle. For the quality of the food and the ambience, its worth it - "bang for the buck", so they say.

    the food was good, the price was still ok but the service was poor. at first the food was being served very quickly, before finishing the appetizer they were already serving the main dish, not considering that the table was very small so everything was very crowded. they also won't allow you to sit beside your companion if only two of you are dining. i also find the servers very discriminating, we were the third to eat there that night with 20 minutes apart from the next customers coming but we were never offered any water but the rest that came were all served with water. when we finaly asked for water, we still waited for about 15 minutes because they gave another customer just beside us the water when in fact they just came, we were already eating are very sweet desserts!!!


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