Amazing Cones (Quezon City)

Amazing Cones

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No. 11 Hemady Street, New Manila, Quezon City

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    This is the main branch and head office of a good filipino invention. Pizza is wrapped like a cone. When you see the cone being cooked, you start to feel proud that a Filipino invented this. Though the site is off for a restaurant, we ate here because we had a seminar to attend to a nearby church, the place is clean though the parking is just beside the streat. Place has LCD tvs. Hope this product goes well.

    Amazing Cones is a quaint little pizza / ice cream parlor along Hemady St. in Quezon City. I've long been curious as to what a "pizza-in-a-cone" is so I decided to give it a try. I ordered a Screaming Garlic Amazing Cone and it was good. A soft, chewy dough is molded into a cone and filled with different ingredients. In my case the Screaming Garlic pizza cone contained garlic, tomatoes, and mozzarella cheese. It cost something like 80+ pesos though so I could not help but think I may be better off ordering a full round pizza from somewhere to curb our hunger pangs. My son had their gigantic Amazing Swirl ice cream cone. Basically you pick some ingredients and have them blended into vanilla flavored soft-serve ice cream. It cost a little less (60+ pesos if I remember correctly) than the Amazing Cone but I felt it was still a tad too pricey just for an ice cream cone. Hubby in the meantime had their Buko Pandan Ice Slush. The ice slushes are the least expensive things on the menu at 40+ pesos but they weren't really anything special. Overall, Amazing Cones offers decent but overpriced eats. The bright and clean interiors are an additional plus though...

    Never knew this place existed until we went to Hemady. The food is not the one you will crave everyday, but surely, it is worth trying. Perfect for adventurer food lovers, you can add one to your little black book. I picked Buko Pandan Slush and I suggest that newcomers try it. I hope that they will aggressively advertise.

    the amazing cones is very near my work area but it took me some time before i actually tried it. Intead of the regular triangular shape pizza, they have invented it to a cone shaped pizza. It sounded strange to me as it wasnt on the traditional triangular or square or maybe circle shapes, But i tried it anyway. It wasnt a long wait till you get your order as it was freshly cooked . What i like about it is the cheezy part, and the part that my hands wont get messy from eating the pizza. Because of the cone shaped and the wrapper that they have, its very easy to eat. you can eat it even walking. They also have a branch in Robinsons Galeria


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