Alba Restaurante Español (Bel-Air, Makati)

Alba Restaurante Español

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38 Polaris Street, Bel-Air

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    One of the best paellas in town. Their chorizo Bilbao is great as "pulutan"

    “good spanish food” denniselliott32 san francisco, caAug 24, 2008 There are several branches of this restaurant which began in 1952 in manila. I go to the one in Makati. Nice decor, nothing plush. Good service. Very good Spanish food and wines. Filipino musical trio sings Spanish standards of the 50s-70s with a Filipino accent but they're pretty good. Not terribly expensive. besides the usual paella, gazpacho and tortilla

    Alba is one of the few remaining traditional spanish restaurants that been around for quite a while. Over the years, it has changed its menu and style. Initially serving ala carte dishes only, but a number of years ago modified their mode of service to accommodate buffet style dining. Favorites include their paella as well as the other spanish delicacies.

    I have been going to this restaurant since early 2000 which is kind of late because it has been around for decades already. The place is well appointed especially with the recent renovation it had. But the food is still as good as ever and even better. I go there to attack their sumptuous lunch buffet. Their conchinillo is unparalleled; their paella unrivalled and their cannonigo is still heavenly! On certain occasion they offer in their buffet menu their pollo ajillo and other beef dishes that is so yummy. Of course, their usual callos is supper and their patte - oh so delectable. If you need a Spanish restaurant that offers authentic Spanish food, good service and good ambiance minus the illustrado price, then Alba's is it. Can't wait to go there again and enjoy the food and company of good friends. Buen aprovecho, amigos!

    I used to love everything in their buffet, including their tortilla and pasta, not that it was called pasta or lasagna. Last time I went to this branch, we had salpicao, which was good but not worth the price, and paella without seafood because my client was allergic to seafood. I guess it's not fair to judge Alba's sans seafood. There were not too many customers. The washroom was clean but old.

    I have always loved Alba's and it is always my first choice when it comes to SPANISH foods but since it is a little pricey, our visits to this resto are reserved for very special occasions. My Dad claims thoigh that he has been visiting Alba's as early as the 1960's bringing in special guests from abroad when they were still located near the then Hilton near the Manila-Malate area near United Nations Ave. We were at the Makati branch last Sunday to celebrate my mom's birthday and found the same delectible food selections and quiet and relaxing atmosphere that other buffet restos fail to offer because of the sheer volume of the people being served. Although almost all the tables were filled, the total seating capacity of the resto is I think less than 60 people so you could expect a more pleasant and peaceful atmosphere compared to other buffets that look like you are amidst a market place. The Makati branch is also more spacious- the tables further apart from each other compared to the Tomas Morato branch. Price at Alba's is a little bit more expensive than Dad's, Yaki-Mix and other well known buffets yet a lot cheaper than hotel buffets. Again, food choices are a bit limited compared to Dad's offerinings but the dishes they do have are perfect in everyway! There staff is also very friendly and polite and willing to help and satisfy costumers. I remember in one of my visits a couple of years back that they were serving Lengua but I didn't see any Callos on the buffet spread. I mentioned to the waiter that Callos was one of my favorite and asked why it wasn't being served this time. He apologized and explained that it was not part of that days menu but offered to get me some from the kitchen and returned with a small bowl of my favorite callos! I was happy that on this visit, they had both the lengua and callos. :) If you want Spanish food served right and in a pleasant laid back atmosphere, Alba's is the place to go. Definitely worth it! P.S. The Tomas Morato branch offers two types of Paella for their dinner buffet. Although I am nearer their Makati branch, the second paella offering is worth the trip!


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